Fog - No Fog Shadows

Fog - No Fog Shadows
North River Viewing Area
MBTA Commuter Rail Station
Salem, Massachusetts

Fog, Shadows, North River, Viewing Area, MBTA, Commuter Rail, Station, Salem, Massachusetts
Photos: Doug Peabody
The North River Viewing Area was designed as part of the new Intermodal Transportation Center at the MBTA Commuter Rail Station. It affords wonderful views that were once only accessed by traveling through on a train. Now waiting commuters can take some time to stroll through this relaxing area.

The seating area is designed in the shape of an old round house and turntable that once sat here. The granite blocks are a reuse from the the foundation of the old roundhouse and freight warehouse.

These photos were taken two days apart at around the same time of day. Besides the fog does anyone notice a slight difference in the photos?

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