The Sense of Smell and Excitment

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt shows an oven with what looks like some rolls freshly baked. (see below) Can't you just smell those rolls? With baking, cooking, frying, barbequing, what have you, there are some wonderful scents in the air in this old time postcard below. Imagine if you will the scents of popcorn, cotton candy, and hotdogs. I can see by the signs there was a dinner in one of the tents offered for 50 cents! Also Moxie, a rather stout carbonated beverage, was popular back then.

In the first postcard we see a scene of Ocean Front, in Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts around the turn of the 20th Century. Once there were tent like temporary looking structures. Today there are more permanent structures as can be seen in the lower Google Earth Street View photo.

Salisbury Beach has gone through many different incarnations since it was developed in the late 1800's There was a major fire that wiped out much of the beach center in the early 1900's. As mother nature has acted up with her major storms many buildings have been swept away by the ocean waves.

Where you see a line of buildings now, there was once a line of buildings across the street with their backs against the Atlantic as seen in the second postcard circa 1940's. Those buildings are now gone having been replaced by man made sand dunes seen in the Google Earth Street View photo.
Antique, Postcard, Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts, rollercoaster, concessions, amusement
Postcards: Doug Peabody
There looks to be a ride called "The Air Ship," which is possibly that tower with the gondola type compartments swinging around it. How safe could that be I wonder?

The roller coast here, quaintly named a "scenic railway" was called the Cyclone. I can remember riding the exciting and dangerous Cyclone. It was demolished in the 1970's due to disrepair. I can remember every morning a maintenance person walked the tracks with a hammer and some nails. When he came across a loose board he would add a few more nails. After he was finished
"repairing" the ride would open ready to excite many more beach goers.

Antique Postcard, Ocean Front, Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts, frolics, howard johnsons, bowling

Google Earth Street View, Ocean Front, Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts
Photo: Google Earth - Street View

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