Running for a Reason

For years here in Salem, Massachusetts there has long stood a group foster home for boys. Plummer Home for Boys is located on Winter Island and has always been a pioneer in the field of foster care. The 1910 news article below details some of the services it provided to the boys then many of which continue to this day in one form or another. It also details a history of Winter Island and the home. The 1869 main building still stands on the shores of Winter Island to this day. (see below)

Plummer Home for Boys, Winter Island, Salem, Massachusetts, foster care

It was started in 1855 as the Plummer Farm School of Reform for Boys by a generous benefactor, Caroline Plummer. In 1938 the name was changed to the Plummer Farm School. A garden still is still cultivated, raising vegetables for the home, tended to by the residents. In 1958 the name was changed to it's present day name and it's residents began attend Salem Public Schools.

This year on April 18, 2016 (Patriot's Day) a former resident of the Plummer Home will be giving back to the place he still considers home. He has entered the prestigious Boston Marathon raising funds for the present day residents of the home. His name is Jibril Lakshanya Mcavennie Santiago of Manchester, New Hampshire. His fund raising site can be found by clicking here. His passion for running and love for the place he called home for many years are explained in great detail there.

Plummer Home for Boys, Winter Island, Salem, Massachusetts, foster care
Plummer Home today - Photo: Doug Peabody

Thanks to Melissa Berry for her research on the Plummer Home. Her blog post can be found by clicking here.


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