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Chill Fox Media Logo
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In an effort to strengthen the branding of my social media management business I commissioned the work of João Vitor Queiroz Prado, of Brazil, to design a logo along the fox theme. I'm very pleased with his work.

João is a talented young artist who lives in São Paulo.  He attends Zipora Rubenstein High School and is the student body president there. Even though he is only in his junior year he already has plans to attend New York University in Manhattan to become a graphic designer. He is also a talented photographer.

Although he doesn't have a particular favorite sport I know he likes soccer (football) as we have had many discussions about the World Cup when it was held in Rio and of course the upcoming summer Olympics.

His friends gave him the nickname "little bear," and that has become a theme in his life as the logo of his graphic design business is a bear. Click on the bear for a link to his graphic design business.

Native Bear, Graphic Design, bear
Copyright 2016 - Native Bear Graphic Design

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