Fran and Bunt's Western Adventure - Part 8

Although this is a repost it does mention hotels. (beds within)

This post is the eighth in a 10 part series on a trip that my mother and my aunt took to the western part of the United States back in 1990. My mother was the keeper off the journal. The links to all 10 parts of this fun filled journey are listed below.

At this point in her life my mother, Fran, was recovering from complications with her legs and other health issues. She was recently retired from an admitting clerk position she held at a local hospital. Both her and my Auntie Bunt, my father's sister, were very good friends and both widows. They were also very adventurous...

June 17 1990 Sunday Day 20

Bunt's Visa paid for our two nights at Best Western at Rapid City $128.44. We're leaving 9:50 AM but stopped at a gold factory 400 feet up the hill (no sale). We're on our way to Deadwood, SD, and Douglas WY. ((she probably went to Douglas because that is my first name)) Warm enough to put our shorts on again. Routes 16w and 385n we're up high looking down on the blue waters of Sheridan and Pactola lakes. Also passed another runaway truck ramp. Beautiful lilacs still in bloom. We arrived in Deadwood at 11:25 am (62 miles). We gambled on Sunday at the Old Franklin Hotel and lost $5.00 each. We crossed the street to the Silverado Cafe Bunt lost $5.00 and I won $5.00. The last of the big time spenders. We can't afford that place so we left at 12:15 pm. Its now 70 degrees. As we went through Lead SD.Twin City to Deadwood and a mining town the orange poppies and purple flocks were blooming in all their glory. We stopped to take a picture of a run down ranch in Buckhorn SD. Lusk WY 55 miles to Douglas at 2:00 PM. On this lonely straight road we saw 2 prairie dogs and about 100 cars of coal on a long long train. We changed drivers on that lonely road and I told Bunt to run real fast. She ran so fast she almost left me behind. We found a Holiday Inn for $44 with pool and laundry. Great price because that is the only thing Douglas WY has to offer. We had sardines and crackers and played rummy kubes for our hh she beat me again. We went for a walk to Grampies Variety Store and bought some groceries ($3.40) and we had a strawberry yogurt, Back to our motel Bunt sang "Somewhere In Old Wyoming" very loud accompanied with giggles. Fun while it lasted. Good night!

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June 18th Monday Day 21

One more week of this great vacation, Bunt had a terrible night. I met a man this morning from Texas who said there was a lot of noise coming from our room last evening. I said we were just laughing and singing and having a good time. He was just jealous we didn't ask him to our party. We toured Douglas WY.,Bought gas ($11,90), bought vodka (11.35) in about fifteen minutes. We visited Ayres Natural Bridge 10 miles north of Douglas. One of the few natural stone bridges which water still flow under. It is 150' long with a very pretty park and picnic area near it. We ate at Chutes at the motel and I had mesquite chicken with salad bar $10.00. Very good but they had a problem making iced coffee. (ha ha) We did our washing and sat on the patio. Warm and windy.

June 19 1990 Tuesday Day 22

Mileage 635. 8.00am. We're on our way to Cheyenne WY. 135 miles from Douglas. We saw many cattle, 2 pronhorns and then standing all alone, another one. Quite a sight! We drove through Wheatland, WY, pop. 5816. But they didn't have our breakfast ready. We got off I-25 and headed west to Laramie on rt 34. All these names remind me of western cowboys and indians. There are many yacca plants in bloom, 4 antelopes and then 5 more and 1 lonely seagull. We've counted 34 moving cars on this lonely 50 miles road. We saw two different kinds of white flowers but it's too lonely to stop to find out what they are. Had breakfast at "Sharls" in Laramie (pop 24,410), a big omelet with peppers, tomatoes, onions, cheese and chili. All for $12.00 for two. We walked around town to get a little exercise. Next stop was Curt Goudy National Park, then onto Cheyene, WY, where we found a room at the Best Western Hitching Post for $50. Just a plain old brown room with clean beds and a clean bathroom. We finally went to real rodeo. Very interesting and we really enjoyed it. There was bronc busting, bull riding and tots chasing a calf. I'm glad we didn't miss seeing a real live rodeo. We saw many trains because Cheyenne is the center for transporting goods all over the country, we traveled 17 miles today.

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