From Photograph to Portrait

The photograph of the Lynch Park lions below was recreated into a portrait by Judi Jorge. She has her own business, Creations by Jorge, painting many wonderful and lovely pieces. After contacting me for permission to recreate this photo she explains below how she processes her works like this:

Lynch Park, Lions,  Beverly, Massachusetts, portrait
Photo: Doug Peabody

As for commentary, I would say that I was originally inspired by your photo because of the beautiful use of light, and wanted to try and capture the same light effect using paint. I worked from a grid, gridding a copy of your photo and the canvas to lay in all the elements in the same exact location. I don't always work this way, but when I have the photographer's permission I like to be as exact as possible. I start the actual painting by laying in a unifying ground color. Once I've gridded in the canvas and am happy with the positioning of the elements, I do an underpainting of darks and lights, then add values. Finally I go back and add the details, highlights and darkest elements.

Portrait: Judi Jorge
I would have to say that the final product has a soothing effect. The portait seems softer compared to the harsh reality of the photograph. Great job Judi!


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