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Surf Board Biking - the latest craze!

I was visiting the city of Lynn, Massachusetts (more on Lynn in upcoming post) the other day and to my amazement i saw a surfer dude riding his bike through the streets.

How did I know he was a surfer? The give away was the surfboard strapped to the side of his bike. Yes, that;s right I said strapped to his BIKE. Being an east coast resident, I guess I am naive to this mode of transportation. After a little research I found several sites advertising this product.

Well, come to find out the surf was up on Nahant Beach. I might get me one of these set ups and hang ten in those narly waves dude.

Windy Day

A very windy day in Salem, Massachusetts (yes the witch city) a circle of flags flyies in front of the post office at Riley Plaza. The plaza commemorates Congressional Medal of Honor John P. Riley USN, for his service in the Spanish-American War, 1898.

Image by Naval History & Heritage Command via Flickr

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Is it me or has the whole weather forecasting industry gone wacky? We have had a very thunderstormy (sp) season this summer. I can't quite get over how much weather coverage the local television stations have given to these storms. They have actually given live uninterupted coverage and line of passing thundershowers.

One can get instant text messaging of approaching severe weather. Ok, I admit even I have a weather alert from WBZ-TV on my cell phone. The trouble with this is that they will alert you when the alert is over. They will also alert you when they have live storm coverage. AND they will alert you when they have special storm related news, such as helicopter fly overs, on their regularly scheduled broadcasts.

When did thunderstorms become severe weather? My idea of severe weather is a hurricane, blizzard, or tornado. I can recall playing during the summer as a child and not knowing if there was a storm approaching. Only when the storm hit did we know that there were "…