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Maybe They Were Seeking Political Asylum

Everyone is welcome in God's house - even the animals. Two former race horses fled their Long Island stables, and ended up a mile down the road, just a little closer to God.

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A Cat with Attitude

Doesn't it seem as if this cat is saying, "get out of my face"?

Awww This is so Cute :)

OMG Eagle's Nest Comes Crashing Down!

My friends the eagles had a nest in a tree which was monitored by some nosy humans on their web cams. It came crashing down in a thunderstorm. We have had some wild weather this summer! Well the juvenile that was in the nest at the time has been spotted in a tree and is ok. At this stage in his life he doesn't need the nest to feed. I hope they rebuild close by. I love watching them fly. Here is the video footage from the nosy humans web cam. Also a link to the cam sponsor if you click here.

This Ride is All Pimped Out!

"Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner

That is what I truly like to beeeee

and if I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner

Everyone would be in love with me!"

The Trouble with Goats: They Don't Know They're Goats

Now even I can't figure out if this is either crazy or cool. I guess it could be both.

I counted 13 goats jumping out of that tree, what about you? Comment below!
Follow this link for more goats in trees!

Make Sure You Maintain the Speed Limit

Hmmmmm, I like to bike, but not necessarily on on interstate highway!
Watch For Bikes

East India Square - Salem, Massachusetts

This is the East India Square fountain in Salem, Massachusetts. This is on the other end of the pedestrian mall of Essex Street from the Towne House Square fountain.
The gate with water pouring out represents Salem's trading relationship with the far east, China and Japan. The stones where the mother and children are walking are in two levels. The top level represents Salem's coast line in the 1700's and the lower level represents Salem's coast line at the present. The stones where salvaged from the old cobblestones of Essex Street. This fountain is directly across the street from Peabody-Essex Museum.

Ouch! Now those are sharp teeth!

Oh this is so cool and cute you have to see this post from another blog! Click here! You won't regret it. But make sure you come back here or enjoy another one of my blogs Click here.

Dieting Pigeons

This is a cool idea. Boston has the fattest pigeons I have ever seen! These sign I found on the new Rose Kennedy Greenway. This is a new linear park that covers over the Big Big. It is on the site of the former Fitzgerald Central Artery, an old elvated highway.
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This man gets his just deserts, and this lady gets the ultimate in revenge. I'm not sure she knew exactly what happened when she hit the car with her bag though. lol

And the Winner is......

Well I told you I picked 7 out of 57 photos as finalists for the Flickr 888 discussion group. You can see those 7 photos in a stream below. Check them out and let me know what photo you would have picked and why. I am posting the photo that I picked to submit here.

I picked a photo of Trinty Church of Boston. Its not to difficult to get a good photo of this church. It has some very interesting architecture, and so many different angles.(and angels) Plus there is the John Hancock building right across the street with its reflective windows. I attend church here and its so beautiful and peaceful inside. I might blog about that later.

Flickr 888 Finalists. Which would you choose?

Eight, Eight, Eight, VIII, VIII, VIII, 8, 8, 8, August, 8, 2008

Took this pic this morning. I went to Boston to get more pics of the day to find one to enter into the Flickr 888 discussion group. I chose this as one of the 7 out of 57 finalists but it didn't make my cut. More later on the one I sent and why. What a soggy day it has been!

A Day for Ducks!

So I went into Boston via train today. I couldn't help but notice a theme to the day. I kept running into these ducks! Have you ever had one of those days? Comment below.

Luxury vs. luxury?

Today's Pose (look it up)

Alright most of you must love the internet, otherwise you wouldn't be on the humble blog. ( how did u find this anyways?) Well here is your question. Would you rather have a beautiful home with all the luxuries and a low mortgage payment? The downside would be you have absolutely NO internet access. OR, would you rather have a tiny little apartment. With very little luxuries, just the basics, BUT WITH internet access?

Hmmmm that's not an easy one for me. What about you? What are your thoughts on the paradox? Comments please!