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Throngs Come to Salem for Halloween!

Salem, Massachusetts October 31, 2008

Even cars get dressed up for Halloween in Salem!

American Hot Tub

American Hot Tub
Originally uploaded by Thomas Hawk Perfect for a Fourth of July!

Some Very Cool Addresses for Halloween

These places were rated the scariest street names in America by 1. Purgatory Road, Austin, Texas2. Bloody Spring Road, Philadelphia3. Mt. Misery Road, Melleville, N.Y.4. Spook Rock Road, Suffern, N.Y.5. Gallows Hill Road, Salem, MA6. Shades of Death Row, Andover, N.J.7. Hell Hollow, Voluntown, Conn.8. Beelzebub Road, South Windsor, Conn.9. Extraterrestrial Highway, Rachel, Nev.10. Gore Orphanage Road, Vermillion, Ohio
How would you like to live at one of those addresses? WOW!Happy Halloween

Human Video Game Players Have New Competition

Now pigeons will have more to do than sit around on statues! lol

Proof You Can Find ANYTHING On the Internet

What if McCain/Palin Don't Win the White House in November?

1. The entire State of Alaska becomes angered and disgruntled because their governor was not elected as Vice President.
2. Alaska feels disrespected by the "lower 48." 3. Alaska votes to succeed from the union. 4. Congress refuses to allow succession. 5. Alaska blocks oil exports from Valdez. 6. US Navy sends ships to Valdez on a "peace keeping mission." 7. Alaska declares war on US. Civil War II has begun. 8. Alaskan militia lobs RPG's from the mountains surrounding Valdez Bay on US Navy. Fishermen from Discovery Channel's "The Deadliest Catch," form a blockade. 9. US Navy flees in retreat. 10. US asks Canada for permission to send troops overland. 11. Canada refuses saying "go away you hosers." 12. US sends troops anyways. 13. US troops stopped at border by RCMP lead by Colonel Dudley Doright. 14. Alaska asks for military aid from Russia. 15. Russia sends aid to Alaska if Alaska promises to stop looking at Russia from their back porch. 16. Alaska as…

Cellular Service Comes to Maine

The folks in Woodstook, Maine unveiled the first cellular phone seen in their state since service was introduced to the rest of the nation in the mid 1980's. The whole town turned out to see the latest in technology. Ironically the place selected to for the ceremony was the last place in the country to have crank phone service. It remains to be seen how they will make the 15 foot tall phone mobile. Says one one rustic downeaster, " if you can't get theya from heea, you just pick up the recieva and crank!" The local hospital is concerned about a recent up swing in hernia surgery.
Click heea for the rest of the story from the

Man Sails Pumpkin Around the World!

No not really, that headline was just to grab you. But this is pretty wild news. I don't know what is more insane, the fact that this man found time to carve a huge pumpkin into a boat, or the fact that the BBC found this to be news worthy.
Click here to see him paddling his pumpkin. hehe. What's next whitewater pumpkining?

You Know You're a Red Neck When....

Enough Said!

Your Job is in Jeopardy!

With high fuel prices and a tanking economy what else do we have to worry about? Well, you may have to start worrying about being replaced by a monkey as this video clip will attest.

Click here for monkeys

My Friends the Wolves are in Trouble!

This person on Youtube has some very clever animations of dogs and cats morphing. He is a talented video and rap artist. Recently he posted this animation he made in defense of wolves.Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin supported legislation to hunt wolves from air planes to help artificially boost the moose and elk populations. This is a clever but more serious video he has produced. Check out his other videos.

Yes even the crazy fox has as political side:)

Ever Have One of Those Days?

Oh no.... I lost my contact lenses!

Now That's a Pumpkin!

In a previous post I blogged about the York - Ogunquit United Methodist Church "Pumpkin Patch" fund raiser. Each autumn they sell thousands of pumpkins as a fund raiser. It's a great community activity for the congregation. My good friend helps out at the "Pumpkin Patch" selling those pumpkins. I wonder if he has a pumpkin like this one. If he does, don't ask him to carry it to your car. :)
Pumpkin grower stakes record hopes on 'Beast from the East' - The Boston Globe

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Beautiful Murals at the Boston Public Library

Image via Wikipedia Just one of many beautiful murals at Boston Public Library. This one is part of a series entitled "The Muses of Inspiration, Hail the Spirit, The Harbinger of Light" by Purvis de Chavannes. There are other amazing murals around the library by John Singer Sargent's "Judaism and Christianity," and Edwin Austin Abbey's "The Quest and Achievement of the Holy Grail."
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Autumnal Seasons Greetings

Pumpkin Field
Originally uploaded by njchow82 It's pumpkin time. Have you ever seen so many pumpkins? I remember Pettingill's Farm in Salisbury. They had a farm stand where they would put all the pumpkins they grew. It was always a treat to go there and purchase a pumpkin to carve for Halloween. On occasion some mischievous neighborhood teens would raid the farm stand or the field and smash a few pumpkins on Ferry Road. Pettingill's was also special to us as children because they had pigs, sheep and cows. This was a real working family farm. Gradually Mr. Pettingill gave up the animals and concentrated on just his vegetable and fruit business. Most of the family farms in Salisbury are gone. They are victims of suburban housing development. Memory never fades.