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Merry Christmas from Nora the Cat

Santa School

Cutest Kitties

OK the second kitty is adorable. The first kitty is quite smart too:)

Bear Has Table Manners

Yogi the bear is caught on camera
waiting for his next meal. Mohawk Trail State Forest,
Florida, Massachusetts

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Elephant Child's Play

"Looks like they have me over a barrel."

Towel Puppy

"It feels so good after a hot bath, I couldn't help it."

Sleepy Puppies

"Hey if we all fall asleep, who is gonna watch for the bus?"

Monkeying Around

"Could you scratch right here please. It's so hard to reach there."

Tired Puppy

Must have been a boring phone call!

Optical Illusion

"They always think we are enemies. We just want world peace that's all"

Happy Hippo

Hope you are using SPF 30!


Click the link above. It sends you to a nice blog, as the author says, about photos, thoughts and gloating. I particularly like "Wesley's Suprise." Check out this blog.

T-Rex Lives!

This is the "old" T-Rex which once resided inside the Boston Museum of Science. Sadly he has been replaced by a scientificly updated version stalking museum patrons in his place. Poor T-Rex now has to spend his days outside the museum, in all types of weather, stalking tourists boarding Boston's famous "Duck boats."

"I'm hungry which tourist shall I eat?"

Pillow Eating Pooch

"Honestly, it wasn't me!"

Horse Play

I think he should compete against Josh the Camel.

Turkey Plea

This poor guy seems to be appealing not to have his goose cooked. Judging by the date of the video, I'm sure he is long gone. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Snowy Squirrel

Alright, winter is coming, I don't want your turkey, send me some nuts soon!

Zachary's Cookbook

We at Crazy as a Cool Fox are proud to announce the formation and sponsorship of a new blog. It's name is Zachary's Cookbook. Zachary is our beautiful son, grandson, brother and nephew to whom we dedicate this blog. It is full of our family's favorite recipes. Some recipes are yummy around the holiday's.

We still have around 5 more sections to edit and post to this blog. Much work is being done We will be adding more posts very soon. You can search the blog for favorite food and recipes. there is also a listing of recipes in the right hand side bar. Happy cooking, and tasting, and above all happy holidays! Click here to go to Zachary's Cookbook.
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It's Been A Long Day

That is one smart cat. Even I can't finish a Sudoku!

Cool Bear

This would probably be a better post during the summer.

Do you suppose he calls room service for that ice?

Painted Pigs

Someone's In Trouble. Just wait till your father gets home!

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Pigs Boots

There is nothing like a new set of matching green boots!

A Circle of Fur

One of these cats names is Ying, the other is Yang. hahaha

It must be nice to sleep so peacefully.

Chicken Cam in Marblehead

You have seen the moose cam, fish cam, beach cam, traffic cams, why not a chicken cam? View a nice article about a local family raising chickens. Their blog can be seen at
Salem News did a nice story (one of the few) on this blog.
'Coop cam' offers a live look at Marblehead family's hens -, Salem, MA

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Baby Sitting Dogs

Look how gentle this newfoundland is with this baby. Looks as though he was intentionally entertaining the little boy.

This siberian huskey seems to be trying to make the baby laugh. Sooo cute:)

Josh the Climbing Camel

Now this is completely silly. Just whose idea was it to send a camel to climb Mount Washington? This mountain has the worst weather in the world. The highest wind speed ever recorded was made here. Do camels really belong hiking mountains? They should be loping through the desert in search of an oasis. Josh does get a reward. He had his own personal bumper sticker made for him. If Josh drove his car up Mount Washington he would have a bumper sticker that says, "This car climbed Mount Washington," but since he climbs the auto road himself has has a bumper sticker the says, "This Camel climbed Mount Washington." Good work Josh!

Dial a Llama or Dalai Lama?

You be the judge.

Since when is there an extreme need for a lama and a hot line to obtain one? Also what is the number? Also is there a llama anonymous? So many unanswered questions.

Two Little Bears

This series of photos are from a bear study I found while I was surfing the Inet. Fish and Wildlife rangers of Maine go out in the winter to tag and take blood samples of bears that are in hiberbation. How exciting it must be to hold these guys and keep them warm for just a few minutes. The little guys don't even have their eyes open yet. How cute is that?

Paper Madness!

Ok if this doesn't make you laugh nothing will!

I wish I was as easily entertained:)

New NHL Prospects

Now this is soooo cute!

Happy Veterans Day and Tanks Alot!

The North Shore of Massachusetts seems to have an unusual attraction to tanks. (the war kind) There are two parks within 10 miles of each other that have a tank on display. Both are dedicated to Generals of World War II. Does anyone know of other tanks on display in Essex County, Massachusetts?

Brigadier General Albin F. Irzyk Park, Salem, Massachusetts
This General served in the Army for 31 years. He fought five campaigns in Europe as a 27-28 year old Tank Battalion Commander in the Fourth Armored Division, which spearheaded Gen. Patton's Third Army across much of Europe. He was wounded twice and received the nation's second highest decoration, the Distinguished Service Cross, for extraordinary heroism. General Irzyk served two years in Vietnam where he had 600 combat hours in a helicopter with the 4th Infantry Division, for which he received 11 Air medals and the nation's third highest military decoration, The Distinguished Service Medal. He commanded the famed 14th Armore…

Who is Crazier? Bears, Dogs, or Man?

"They are quite tame." I don't think he would be saying that if he were the one on the end of a chain.

It's a Dogs Life

This dog I have actually met. She is somewhat of a celebrity here in Boston. Can you imagine being a dog living in the lap of luxury? I wonder what they serve her for meals? If you are ever in Boston, the Fairmont Copley is one of the most stunning hotels in the city. If you can afford the price, it's worth it to simply walk through the lobby to see how wonderfully decorated it is. While you are there say "hi" to Catie!


OK so you have asked the big question. Where has "Crazy as a Cool Fox" been? Well I have been all wet for the past few months, taking some time off from blogging. As a writer we all experience the dreaded "writers block." Well I have had 4 months of that. It's time to get out of the water and dried off. CRAZY AS A COOL FOX IS BACK! New post at midnight EST. (If you all want to stay up for that) :) Thanks for waiting!

PS. Stay tuned for a new blog by the Crazy as a Cool Fox team. The only hint you have is it's very tasty and warm. mmm!

Cat House

I'm thinking I might start a collection. Tell me what you think of this:

Thanks to Kat from Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes for the tip on this story.

Talk About Bear Hugs

Would you like to be this wolf? I sure hope they are very good friends, otherwise that polar bear has a good meal in his arms.