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Boston Celtics Shop for new Talent

Danny Anige should sign up Jilli the Yorkshire Terrier for the playoffs, but Spidey the Chihuahua isn't quite ready for Celtics pride. Jilli should help us get banner number 18!

This Cat Thinks He is Great

Dang these animals keep getting smarter and smarter. Soon they will rule the world!

Cool Puppies!

How can you not love a soft furry cuddly puupy?

Watch live video from The TexasWhiteLabs Puppy Channel on

Crazy as a Cool Fox Gets Serious (for a moment)

Well here is my first attempt at publishing some serious literature. I invite everyone to critique this work, especially those of you from Kat's blog. It's short I know. Please be gentle as I am new to this! :)

"The Key"

I am in a dark place looking for a key...

The lights are off. The shades are drawn
I can't see my hand in front of my face
I stumble over furniture, rugs, chairs

I fall to the floor...

I am now on my hands and knees looking for the key
I grope in the dark, I am confused, My breathing increases
I begin to panic...

I want this key oh so desparately...

I will always look for the key no matter what...
for the key represents life
Without the key, I will die...

The key is to your heart...


This man can be considered one of the luckiest people on the planet.

Cat Plays Risk

Risk, a game of strategy. I always knew cats were cold calculating killers, Waiting to strike at any moment. :)

Bear Day Care

Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick visits his newest state project. All bear cubs will have day care services provided in all cities and towns.