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Talk About Bear Hugs

Would you like to be this wolf? I sure hope they are very good friends, otherwise that polar bear has a good meal in his arms.

Bear Waits for His Flight

Looks like his flight has arrived.

Disney Movie Templates

Dancing Bear!

No this is not the dancing bear from the Captain Kangaroo show. He is just as funny!

Let's Go for a Leisurely Bike Ride

This guy is unbelievable. I'm lucky to ride down the street without having to jump off or balance myself.

Leisurely? Think again. WOW

Kat vs. Fan

Stop that fan! It's too cold in here.

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Classical Lightning

Some how I just don't think they will be playing Symphony Hall in Boston anytime soon.

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Dancing Machine

Bad Kitty - Good Doggy


Alright whoever is riding shotgun reads the maps from now on.

Find the Fish

If you are watching this for more than 30 seconds you have to much time on your hands. If you see a fish go by in those 30 seconds go out and buy a lottery ticket. Today is your lucky day.