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The Calm - The Storm

A photo comparison of Salem Willows pier one day apart.
The Calm: August 27, 2011
The Storm: August 28, 2011 - Hurricane Irene

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Gull Rays


Concrete Shadow

Entrance to Salem MBTA Station
Salem, Massachusetts

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Sepia Saturday - Singing Beach

Many folks have asked me about the beach scene on this blog's "summer" banner. The scene is a photo I shot with a 35mm Nikon film camera I had back in 2006. It was one of the last photos I shot with this camera before switching over to the digital. Of course the fox is photoshop into the photo. He does not live at Singing Beach but I'm sure he wished he did.  I have used him in other banners. He actually lives on Mount Washington, New Hampshire.

The location is Singing Beach, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. It's a beautiful quiet beach on an early autumn day. It's very busy as you might imagine during the summer.

Singing Beach was named  for the sound the sand makes as you take a step. There is some special quality about it that when you walk it makes strange humming, or "whoosh" sound. I tried to make a video of it but the microphone on my camera just can't pick up that sound. There is to much background noise from the ocean waves. It'…

A Chip Off the Old Stone

One never knows what might lead them to a story. After dropping off my car for repairs, I decided to take a different route. The walk took me by this little cemetery. On the rusted iron gate a sign stated that I was on the Literacy Trail of Massachusetts. Well I had to satisfy my curiosity after all I am a trail fanatic.

The important literacy figure in the cemetery is Elizabeth Whitman. She is the lead in a novel by Hannah Webster Foster. (spoiler alert--->) The figure Elizabeth is loosely based on a real life figure who got herself involved in an adulterous affair and ended up dying in a nearby tavern during child birth.

Her grave became somewhat of a tourist attraction in what was then South Danvers, now Peabody, Massachusetts. People would come to chip off a piece of her headstone. In 2005 a new granite headstone was placed next to the old with the original inscription that reads:

This humble stone, in memory of
 Is inscribed by her weeping friends,
 To whom …

Deep Blue ...

The Schooner Fame rounds Spring Point Range Light
on Winter Island, in the blue waters of Salem Sound.

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Yes... There is a Cod!

Most states have a state fish either by tradition or governmental proclamation. Alaska claims the king salmon, Iowa claims the channel catfish, and Wisconsin claims the muskellunge, as their official fish. Twenty states claim some form of trout. Sixteen of them claim some form of bass, and 4 of them claim the walleye. But only state claims the codfish. The cod is the official fish of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The codfish is not just any old cod. It's known as the sacred cod. There is a likeness of the sacred cod hanging in the Massachusetts House of Representatives directly across from where the speaker of the house presides. The cod was considered so important that Cape Cod was named after the abundant fish in 1602, 18 years before the landing of the pilgrims.
There have been three sacred codfish. One of them was burned when the old state house burned down 1747. One of them mysteriously disappeared when the British occupied Boston during the revolution. The latest one was…

Fun Fountain

Christian Science Church Plaza - Boston, Massachusetts

A Wedding in the Wilderness

On of the things I love to do is mountain hiking. I'd like to share with you a very unique experience I had on one of my first major hikes in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

It was Columbus Day weekend. That's October 12th here officially. For the White Mountains its late in the hiking season and just past the full fall foliage display. It's still beautiful there but many of the trees have already dropped their leaves. The nights can be every cold and easily drop below freezing.

I belonged to a college recreation club and had a hike scheduled for that weekend. It was decided that we would climb Mount Pierce, (named for New Hampshire's only U.S. president) and stay the night at Mizpah Spring Hut.

Mizpah Spring Hut is run by the Appalachian Mountain Club under license with the White Mountain National Forest. It's a small rustic hut that sleeps 65 people in bunk rooms and serves a heart breakfast and evening meal. The only access to the hut is by a 2.5 mile hike…

Beach Shadows

Winter Island - Salem , Massachusetts

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Sepia Saturday - Trees Glore!

This week in Sepia Saturday the theme seems to be one of a tree. My post is of not one tree but hundreds! The postcard is of the approach to the plank road to Salisbury Beach. The planks would have begun where there is a bit of marshy land before you arrive at the beach proper. The laid planks would keep the wagon wheels from sinking into the soft ground. The photo is taken somewhere on Beach Road. Beach Road today looks nothing like this photo. Its much more honky tonk with seasonal eateries, shops, and motels. The Google Streetview photo below shows the road as it is today. Message: Salisbury Beach Mass. Dear Mrs Travis, Harry and I are having a nice time, hope Mr, Travis is feeling better than when I left home. Trusting you are well. With love. Your's respectfully A. Winslow.
Addressed to: Mrs G. Travis 88 Bowers St. Nashua, NH.
Postmark: Newburyport Mass Cushing Branch. (Cushing was another name for Salisbury Beach.) August 23, 7:30AM. The year is indeterminable. I would have to…

Monsoon Season Continues

Okay, so today I was out getting some exercise on my bicycle when a massive line of thunderstorms decides to come this way. No problem I thought, I'll wait under the band shell for a couple of minutes and this will all blow over right?
No such luck. I happened to be stuck in one of the worst thunderstorms of the year and one I haven't seen in a long time. I was stranded under that band shell for 45 minutes while all hell broke loose. It rained, down poured and hailed. The wind was blowing horizontally. When it looked like it was letting up it wasn't. We had a nice fireworks demonstration, natural style. BOOOOOMMMM! 
It was lightening so much that my cell phone shut itself off. (probably self preservation) When I saw that I decided to leave my phone with my bike and back away slowly... I mean if there is enough electricity in the air to shut off a cell phone maybe I should put it some place else besides next to my ass.
When I looked up and saw the concrete canopy of the ba…

Buffy the Buffalo

There is a small family farm in Newbury, Massachusetts that does a great business selling locally grown produce. One of the attractions at Tendercrop Farm was Buffy the Buffalo. Buffy passed away recently at the ripe old age of 18.

Since it began in the 1970's Tendercrop Farm has always had a "main" attaction. A celebrity of sorts. It began with Hiram. Hiram was a darft horse. He was a giant of a horse, powerful but with a gentle demener. He was retired to live out his life eating fresh sweet hay and to allow little children to pet him. People would often stop by with apples, his favourite snack.
After Hiram passed the new farm celebrity was Buffy I. He was rescued from a farm nearby that was to be transformed into a country club.
The latest farm "celeb" was Buffy II. She was a feisty animal, occasionally getting loose from her pen. She leaves friends that stayed near her pen including a llama, cows, sheep, goats, ducks, and chickens, all farm celebrities in their…

Morning Storm

A storm passes east over the Derby Wharf Range Light
Salem, Massachusetts

Horse vs. Goat - Who Will Win?

Meet Einstein, the worlds smallest horse. His two friends are a goat and a dog. He's quite talented in soccer as you can see. Oh his other talent is writing books. Check it out!

Friendship At Home

At exactly high tide today, the Friendship of Salem arrives home from its New York City visit. It's amazing to see the pilot spin that ship in a narrow channel so it can be reversed into it's berth.

The Friendship of Salem is part of the National Historic Maritime Park
in Salem, Massachusetts.

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More Views from the Umbrella

If you had an umbrella you would need it on Essex Street yesterday. It was another monsoon day. I'm beginning to think climate change is happening here. August is usually a dry month. The grass turns brown and streams dry up. Average amount of rainfall in a year is 35 inches in this area. We have had 36 inches with 4 1/2 months left. Does anyone have an ark for sale?

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Snow Cat Fight!

I couldn't resist posting this one. Enjoy!

Brick Shadows

I can caught these shots right after a summer down pour. Below, looking up an narrow alley directly into the sun. As \always you can find more Shadow Shots by clicking the link in the sidebar.

Sepia Saturday - The Kiss

How's this for a royal kiss?
This was my parents 25th wedding anniversary August 4, 1976.

My sisters and I planned this party and kept it a surprise for them. We had their very best friends, another couple Dick and Cookie, take them out to Sunday brunch. By the time they arrived home the field next to our house was filled with cars. The house was filled with guests and decked out. My father wasn't one to make a big deal of things so this was the only way we could have gotten him to go along with this.

When the party is at your own home I guess you can't avoid it. For other great kisses go to Sepia Saturday by licking here.