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Graveyard Shadows

Old Burying Point Graveyard - Salem, Massachusetts

Happy Halloween!

Yours truely
Scarey huh?

Shadow Continued

The sun angle was just right to get my leg shadows on the upper level of the fort ramparts,
and my torso and head on the lower level.
Shot taken at colonial Fort Sewall, Marblehead, Massachusetts.

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Sepia Saturday - The Time Trolley

One can find lots in this old postcard from the early 1900's . From a busy trolley driver with a heavy coat to a team of horses.

What strikes me in the shot is the long shadow cutting across the photo. That's the shadow of an old elm tree. There's another elm standing to the right. Elms have been decimated in this country from Dutch Elm disease. City streets and country lanes where once lined with the stately tree. Few remain now and these in Salisbury square are gone. Cites and towns are now replanting the elm which is now resistant to the disease.

Being from Salisbury I know that this photo was shot facing north. From the shadow I can tell the sun is from the east thus it is morning in late autumn or early spring. The church in the background is the East Parish Church United Methodist Church built in 1834.

The road that runs past the church is Lafayette Road named after the famous French general that helped Washington during the revolution. It is said Lafayette took thi…

King Tide? Maybe a Prince Tide

King tide is here! Head for the hills!
According to our sensationalist televsion meteorologists this is a King tide. It's actually a spring tide which occur twice a year when the sun, moon and earth line up in a particular arrangement. (I'm not sure what that is:)
Actually last years "king" tide was worse as can be seen in the second to last photo. A normal high tide can be seen in the final photo.
This is the Derby Wharf Range Light which sits at the end of a 1/2 mile long wharf in Salem Harbor, Massachusetts.
Back your bags everyone a flood of biblical proportions is upon us! (according to television meterologists) lol

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Orange Porch

Thursday Challenge is a thematic collaboration of bloggers.
This week's theme is "orange."
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Converging Lines


Happy Birthday Lil Sis

Today October 24th is my sister Laurie's birthday. I'm being the dorky big brother in most of these photos. (that really hasn't changed much)
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Willow Shadows

Leslie's Retreat Park Salem, Massachusetts, USA

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Sepia Saturday - Old School

This photo shows an orderly class doesn't it? This was my 3rd grade class. My teacher was Grace Dougherty, our pastor's wife, is seated in the rear. She was one of my favourite teachers. I'm front and center in this photo. The photographer shot the photo just as I was putting some books inside my desk. You can speculate why my assigned seat is next to the teacher's desk. :)
The classes here were organized so that kindergarten was in a separate building in another part of town. Grades 1-3 were in this building called the Jacob F. Spaulding School, and finally grades 4-8 were in the newer Memorial School school attached to the Spaulding. You can see part of the new Memorial School through the windows in the background.
It was a treat to go to "graduate" to 4th grade because the Memorial was brand new and just attached to the Spaulding during my 3rd grade year. At recess we watched fascinated as all the workers and machinery milled around next door.
The Spauldi…

16 Goats in a Tree

This is the silliest thing I've ever seen. lol

Looming Light

Marblehead Light
Marblehead, Massachusetts

This lighthouse structure is a rather unusual. The only enclosed parts are the lantern house at the top and the central shaft which houses the spiral staircase. According to the plaque on the shaft it's 130 feet above sea level and the light is visible 20 miles. This iron light replaced a stone lighthouse in 1896.

Writing Room

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Cutting the Cohos

The Cohos Trail is a brand new trail that connects the vast system of hiking trails in the White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire with Southern Quebec. It's taken 15 years of back breaking work all by volunteers to complete this project. Now one can walk it's length in solitude where they only sound you hear is the sound of your breath and your beating heart... bear, birds moose excluded. Article in the Boston Globe

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Tree Court

In 1983 a driver hit a tree in Michigan. A tree surgeon repaired the damage, and the driver’s insurance paid the $550 bill, but the tree’s owner claimed $15,000 for pain and suffering; he said the “beautiful oak” was like someone dear to him. A lower court threw out the case, and the appeals court agreed. The three-judge panel declared: We thought that we would never see
A suit to compensate a tree,
A suit whose claim in tort is prest
Upon a mangled tree’s behest;
A tree whose battered trunk was prest
Against a Chevy’s crumpled crest;
A tree that faces each new day
With bark and limb in disarray;
A tree that may forever bear
A lasting need for tender care.
Flora lovers though we three,
We must uphold the court’s decree.
Affirmed. (Fisher v. Lowe, 122 Mich. App. 418, 33 N.W.2d 67)

I guess the court's judgment can have a bit of humour in it. I wonder if the judges' bench was made of oak?