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Lion Stares

Main stair case, Boston Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts

Thursday Challenge is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers.
This week's theme is "stairs."
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Bootmoblie Kicks Butt

I wouldn't want to mess with a boot. LOL

The Old Iron Gate of Honor

the Greenlawn Cemetery has many entrances which allows for a peaceful evening stroll or find a family burial plot. There's a myriad of wonderfully manicured paths, ponds, and woods designed by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead.

But one gate is kept locked all year with the exception of one day. It's open on Memorial Day to allow a parade to enter the grounds and pay homage to people who gave their lives for their country. After the ceremonies these gates are closed and locked until  the next Memorial Day.

The monument behind the gate is Salem's Civil War memorial. The center photo of the collage is what is inscribed on the back of the monument.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Bicycle Shadows

Last week I posted this scene from another angle. Now you can see just how precarious I was positioned when I shot the lighthouse. This is the end of the 1/2 mile long Derby Wharf in Salem, Massachusetts.

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Sepia Saturday - The Golden Elk

This watercolor postcard shows a wonderful view of the Deerfield River valley in Massachusetts. By the looks of the cars it must be around the 1930's. That's just a guesstimate of mine. Maybe some of you know of these car models. Let me know if you have first hand knowledge of the date of this postcard. But be forewarned, you are dating yourself. :)
This is Massachusetts Route 2 or the "Mohawk Trail." The road was named for the native American indian tribe that lived in the area.
The cool part about coming upon this overlook is there is a statue of a golden elk which seems to be in the middle of no where. It was placed there by the Massachusetts Elks Lodges.(seen in the lower left of the postcard) It is located in the town of Florida, Massachusetts. Interestingly enough, Florida is the coldest and snowiest part of the state.
The Golden Elk still exists today as you can see in the photo to the right of my brother-in-law when we traveled though here in 2008.
Ride your Go…

Follow That Boot!

This has to be one of the oddest vehicles ever made.

Lighthouse Shadow

Derby Wharf Range Light. Salem, Massachusetts. For more shadow shots click here.

Sepia Saturday - The Shields Sisters

Originally posted April 10, 2010.

These three young ladies are all sisters. I don't have a date of the photo but judging by the clothing I'm sure it's taken around the turn of the last century. From left to right are Elzena Rachel, Vallie, and Edith. Elzena Rachel would be my great-grandmother. Vallie and Edith would be my great aunties. My mother's middle name was Elzena. She didn't like her middle name and she seemed to get upset if we ever mentioned it. Of course we kids would never pass up a chance to tease mom but she took it well.

Don't you just love those outfits? They all have those cool little pocket books hanging from their belts. Vallie seems to have the slimmest waist, but you really can't tell about the waist lines of the two sitting sisters. I assume Vallie is wearing one of those torturous corsets popular at the time. The pattern of the material that makes up their blouses is so intricate. It looks as though Vallie and Edith's blouses are …

Donna's Last Dance

Donna Summers passed away today at the age of 62. A tribute to one of the divas who brought pop music alive.
R.I.P. Donna Summer

The Statue of All Mothers

In the center courtyard of the Boston Public Library stands a mother - child statue entitled  Bacchante and Infant Faun, sculpted by Frederick William MacMonnies. This is actually a copy installed in the 1980's. The original was "banned in Boston" in 1896 due to nudity. The original is on display in in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
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Excitment at BNN (Bear News Network)

Seriously, a bear report?
Must have been a very slow news day. lol

Holding Hands

Originally posted August 19, 2011. Happy Mothers Day to all mothers from Crazy as a Cool Fox

Recently I biked to a local fishing pier to see what folks were pulling in. Just as I arrived someone pulled in a huge stripped bass. It was a fight to pull it up to the pier. Once it was on the deck it was causing a commotion among the other fishermen.

At that moment I turned around and looked back up toward the land end of the pier, I saw a mother and toddler son walking side by side coming toward me. Both of them had seen the great fish being landed and now flopping on the wood planking. Both of them were walking toward it slowly with caution.
Mother asked the boy, "see the fishy?" Without a reply the toddler's eyes widened as big as saucers. His focus was on the fish. The fish was still hooked and it's captors were working on releasing the hook. The fish was also close to the edge of the  pier. There was some danger as the little boy approached.
Almost in slow motion  both…

Graveyard Shadows

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Sepia Saturday - Radiant Restaurant

This postcard has no significant historical value, but it's in my collection for more sentimental reasons. The restaurant/bar/function hall is actually in the middle of no where on a long lonely stretch of Route 16 in Ossipee, New Hampshire. Come to think of it, it is a rather opportune place to take a break from driving, to get out, stretch your legs and get a bite to eat.

Whenever our family would take the long trip to the White Mountains and the North Conway area we would pass by this location.

Only once do I recall we ever stopped in here to eat. We usually brought our own picnic lunches so there was no need to stop for food. 
The area does command a tremendous view of the southern Presidential Range of the White Mountains. They are white because there seems to be snow on them for a longer period of time during the year than the surrounding area. This makes for a beautiful sight when coming over the hill to this area.
As you can see by the tree in the photo the place is much …

Witch Style?

Anyone that's a fan of 1960's American sitcoms knows this woman, and you would have to agree, she had style. This is Elizabeth Montgomery who played "Samantha," a modern day witch on the show "Bewitched."

The statue was commissioned by TV Land Network that carried the show in reruns. The statue was placed here in Salem, Massachusetts as we have a bit of a history with witches, and the show filmed two episodes here.

Elizabeth Montgomery certainly added "style" in her character Samantha. Thursday Challenge is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers. This week's theme was "style." You can find more stylish posted at Theme Thursday by clicking here.

Cat Acrobat

We are all in trouble now that cats know how to open the fridge...

Stair Shadows

Phillips Library - Peabody Essex Museum. Salem, Massachusetts. As always, you can "stare" at many more shadow shots at ShadowShotSunday by clicking here.

Sepia Saturday - All Aboooaaarrrd!

This Sepia Saturday was originally posted July 11, 2011. So why reinvent the wheel, right? (I've already made millions on that :) This matches perfectly with Alan's prompt of toy trains.

Sorry to every one that miss Fran and Bunt's adventures but you may see a few more photos of them from time to time. They did take a trip to the wilds of Alaska so I'll have to dig out some of those photos. Thanks to everyone that viewed or commented on that series. It was fun to post that. Now back to my sampling of post cards:
This postcard is from Salem Willows Park in Salem, Massachusetts. Salem Willows is a beautiful peninsula that juts out into Salem Sound that has a few small beaches, a fishing wharf, and a small row of amusement arcades and eateries. This antique postcard is of the mini train ride that used to be there. I was trying to find where this was taken and it didn't take me a long time as Salem Willow's amusement area is not that big. How I spotted this location wa…

Lobster Tools

Thursday Challenge is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers. This week's theme is "tools." To find more tools at Thursday Challenge click here.

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Texting just got so much easier...
Perhaps we will be able to text and drive again in the future.
Do you have your Google Morse Code phone?