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Quick Boats


Wharf Shadows

Derby Wharf - Salem, Massachusetts For more fine shadow shots click here.

One Hundred Year Old Sox

We couldn't pass up this theme without mentioning the oldest sport venue in the world that still hosts a professional team. Fenway Park has been the home for the Boston Red Sox for 100 years. It has gone through many transformations through the years especially since the latest owners took over 10 yeas ago.

The Yawkey Way facade remains pretty much the same. Championship banners now proudly hang above the main entrance. The one banner Red Sox nation is most proud of is the 2004 banner earned after an 86 year drought.

Inside the view is a bit different with sky scrapers in the distance. Upper decks and luxury boxes have been added all around. The color green has been used since 1934 on the fencing and superstructure.

In left field there is the 34 foot tall fence called "the green monster." The monster got it's name because a hit ball caroms off the wall it remains in play. It's tin surface makes for some unusual bounces for the left fielder to run down.
Till 2003…

It Isn't Easy Being Green

Wally the Green Monster, the mascot for the Boston Red Sox (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Apparently "Wally" the green monster was lost for a while this afternoon. The Red Sox need to provide the poor mascot some security I believe

Red Sox mascot found after brief search

Symmetrical Monster

The Goliath Towers
Six Flags New England, Agawam, Massachusetts
 Thursday Challenge is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers.
This week's theme is "symetry."
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Bubble Bath

I was researching at Boston Public Library this day when I left the building I came across this spectacle.

Forest Garden Shadows

Healing Garden, Lynn Union Hospital, Lynn Massachusetts.
For more fine photos click here for Shadow Shot Sunday.

Sepia Saturday - Beach Birthday

With perfect timing, this week's theme has children in it and this Sepia Saturday falls on my birthday. No I'm not that old even though a sepia photo seems to be associated with my birthday. I just age well. :)

This is the Ipswich (Massachusetts) range light. It's actually the rear and the taller of two light houses. Range lights work when you line up the lights out at sea. They were meant to help guide your boat through the difficult shoals of Ipswich Bay and on into Ipswich and Parker Rivers.

The keeper's house is in back of this lighthouse and that's the focus of this Sepia Saturday post. Those happy kids are having a party inside that house. That's me in front of the window on July 21, 19??.

The upper photo was taken around 1937 and by the time this party rolled around there were some significant changes to the landscape. That lighthouse was discontinued and replaced with a simple skeleton tower with an automated light. The lighthouse was packed up and barg…

Supreme Power

Thursday Challenge is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers.
The theme this week is "supreme."
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Paraglider vs. Vulture: Guess Who Wins

Continuing my Tuesday video series for "adventure"
we have bird vs. human bird (sort of.)

Brick Shadows

For many more shadow shots at ShadowShot Sunday click here.

Sepia Saturday - Baby Carriage Mania

Presented before you is a compilation of baby carriage photos I could find in my family archives. 
The first one on the left seems to be the fanciest of carriages. It's a photo of my mother when she lived in Houlton, Maine in 1924. Look the the carriage is made of wicker! the suspension and wheels are very ornate.
The next photo shows my sister in a stroller with yours truly in control. This was a family vacation and the other two children are our cousins. 
The third photo is of me in that very same stroller. I had quite a set of toys tied right in front of me to keep me occupied.

Finally, the lower right photo is of my father all bundled up in what is perhaps a stroller/sleigh. The photo was dated 1918, Rowley, Massachusetts.

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Open the Jack Knife

Dock diving at Salem Willows pier, Salem, Massachusetts Thursday Challenge is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers. This week's theme is "movement." To find more movement click here. .

Winter Climbing Gone Bad

WARNING: Adult language and graphic images. This is truely a testament to human endurance and if anything else, watching a snowy video on a hot summer day has cooled you down!

Shadow Home

Springtime - Salem, Massachusetts Shadow Shot Sunday is a weekly collaboration of  blogtographers.
For more shadow shots, click here.

Sepia Saturday - Elephant Education

Tuft's University in Medford, Massachusetts holds close ties to the majestic elephant. It's mascot is the elephant and they are called the Jumbos after a very famous circus elephant.

Jumbo the elephant was a popular act with the P.T. Barum circus. He was known nationally and well loved by children. Unfortunately he was killed when struck by an express train as he was being lead to his circus car.

P.T. Barnum who sat on the board of directors and benefactor at Tufts gave the stuffed hide to be displayed at the university's museum of natural history.

Over the years he was a good luck symbol for both athletics and academia. athletes were treated to courageous pep talks from their coaches who used Jumbo as a source of inspiration. Students would touch his tail or put pennies in his trunk for good luck before exams.

Jumbo's second life came to a fiery end when Barum Hall burned to the ground in 1975. All that was left of poor Jumbo was his tail and some ashes. In good humor…

Got Milk?

It's a 40 foot or 12.2 meter tall milk bottle can that can contain 58,620 gallons or 221,900 liters. Got Milk? Cilldren's Museum, Boston, Massachusetts Theme Thursday is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers. This week's theme is "beverage." Click here to drink up more beverages at Theme Thursday.

Happy Fourth of July

Originally posted July 4, 2011

I have taken so many photos of this set of flags that they deserve their own album. There are 13 flagpoles on Riley Plaza in Salem, Massachusetts. They represent the 13 original colonies when the country proclaimed independence. There is one central flag pole surrounded by 12 shorter poles.

The plaza commemoratesCongressional Medal of HonorJohn P. RileyUSN, for his service in theSpanish-American War, 1898.

In some photos you may see a 14th flag. That flag pole is on the property is the US Post Office in Salem.

The upper left photo shows all the flags at half staff. This was done in honor of Senator Edward Kennedy's passing. The middle photo was taken at the height of a December blizzard. The clouds broke just for a few seconds. The black flag always flies below the main flag in honor of P.O.W's and M.I.A's.

Happy Independence Day everyone!

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Lazy River

Just a nice calm paddle on a slow moving river, then...

A Trip to the Fishin' Hole

Andy Griffith passed away today. As I was llooking for something to honor him with I found this Youtube video where he sings the lines to the show's opening song. I never knew there were words to that melody. All I remember was that distinctive whistle of his.

The show had many wonderful lessons and lots of laughs. I grew up watching it and looked forward to it each week. Andy usually was the brunt of all the shananigans that went on in Mayberry, North Carolina. 

I was lucky enough to visit the town of Mount Airy, NC, in the 1980's, the town that Mayberry is modeled after. Then the place looked as though you would see Andy himself walking down the sidewalk on patrol.

Here's to you Andy... now resting at your ultimate fishin' hole.

Wharf Shadows

This wharf seems to come to an abrupt end. And it does. Winter storms and ice can wreak havoc on floats. This photo was taken early this year during the winter when the floats at the end were stored on dry land.