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Water Mirror

Water Mirror
South River
Salem, Massachusetts
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Guide Dog for Dog

The kindness of fellow dog is just amazing here.

Shadows Iced In

Shadows Iced In Pickering Wharf Salem, Massachusetts
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Statehouse Statement

If a building could talk this one could speak volumes. This week's photo prompt at Sepia Saturday has what looks like some store fronts. Looking through my collection of postcards I couldn't find many obvious storefronts. But I did come across a postcard of the Old Statehouse in Boston and recalled a photo I had seen when this building was not a glamorous state house but simple building containing many businesses.

The Old Statehouse has a rich history. Built in 1713 it was the seat of the Royal government in Massachusetts Colony.  Sam Adams, John Hancock, and James Otis among others met there discussing the many issues which led up to the revolution. The Boston Massacre occurred at it's front steps and the Declaration of Independence was read from it's balcony.

When the state government marched up Beacon Hill to it's new house in 1798, the old place was turned over to the City of Boston to be used as City Hall. The city then moved over to a new city hall and she wa…

Heads Up - Low Clearance Ahead!

Congress Street Bridge Salem, Massachusetts About 4 1/2  feet I'd say! Thursday Challenge is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers. This week's this is "shiny." To find more shiny posts click here for more Thursday Challenge posts.

They Give Them the Boot

L.L. Bean, outdoor outfitter and purveyor of the finest of quality merchandise commissioned an employee of the year award based after it's iconic Maine hunting shoe. The award is now a Stanley Cup type award where the name of the all employees who have won it will be displayed on placards on lower level. See how it was made with the video below.

Thanks for watching! Thanks for checking out this site and have a look at the best of products at

Duck Shadows

Duck Shadows Greenlawn Cemetery Salem, Massachusetts Every Sunday is a shadow shot here. For more shadow shots click here to go to Shadow Shot Sunday!

General Motors

This week's theme photo has an old time truck. How about some old time cars? I'm not sure what make and model these old timers are but maybe some of you all now.
I entitled this post General Motors but these cars may not be of General Motor variety. The general in this photo is the hotel in the background. It's the General Wolfe Tavern named for a famous general of the British Army - Major General James Wolfe.
Wolfe was responsible for defeating and eliminating the French forces from Canada during what we here call the French and Indian War or the Seven Years War. Wolfe became known as the Conqueror of Canada in his victory on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. It was unfortunate that he was mortally wounded and perished on that battlefield. His heroism was remembered here in the states not only in the name of this tavern but his name was given to Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, America's first summer resort.
The Wolfe Tavern lasted until the 1950's, (yes the name was…

Ass-solutely Hilarious!

Go ahead and click on this link below. You will see a story of a donkey that was thought to be hit be the Google Street View car... OR was he?

Google Lat Long: Never ass-ume: Over the last 24-hours concerned members of the public and the media have been speculating on the fate of a donkey pictured in Street View ...

Wild Ride

Wild Ride Six Flags New England Agawam, Massachusetts
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Winter Fast

This video speeds  up winter and makes it a beautiful manageable thing. Enjoy!

Wreath Shadow

Wreath Shadow
Washington Street,
Salem, Massachusetts
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From Beach to City

The photo prompt this week shows a woman enjoying herself at the beach. Among my post cards was this. 
It shows many people in full dress at the beach. Can you imagine being those women to the right in a full skirt getting wet in the waves? This card was around in 1912 a Victorian age for sure. Women were not supposed to show there legs or much of any other skin as well.

Usually I would find this place and shot an updated photo but not much has changed here at Salisbury Beach other than the types of  "swimming garments" used nowadays.

Instead I found on Google Street View the exact spot where this card was addressed. 701 7th Street, South Boston, Massachusetts. If you're unfamiliar with Boston, this is the section where the main character from the film "Good Will Hunting" was from. It was then and still is prominently made up of Boston Irish.
It's odd how the writer turned the card 180° to compose the message. I'll save you all craning your necks to re…

A Generation's Favorite Cowboy

Today an icon of Boston television passed away. He was the host of the long running children's show "Boom Town," which ran from the 50's to the 70's. Among his child audience where, Jay Leno, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Barry (Jordan’s Furniture) Tatelman, and Jimmy Tingle.  He always rode in on the set with his trusty steed, "Gold Rush." Rex Trailer you will be missed. Rest in peace...

Gourd Guard

Gourd Guard Salem Massachusetts

Boxer, Baby, Ball

Those three B's lead to lots of fun!

 Well... fun while it lasted!

Japanese Garden Shadow

Japanese Garden Shadow Peabody Essex Museum Salem, Massachusetts
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Kilts, Kilts, and More Kilts

If you haven't seen enough kilts by now take a gander at this. This long photo is from my grandfather's World War I regiment. He was part of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. His unit was the 236th Battalion from New Brunswick, Canada which was absorbed into the 20th C.E.F. They were more famously known as Mclean's Kilties named for their regimental commander and man they were proud of their kilts!

My grandfather, is standing in the front row of Company C, behind and slightly to the right of his company commander Lt. Col. Percy Guthrie.

I have blogged about his photo before so I won't expound about it here. I you wish to read more detail in how I scanned this photo and some interesting facts about it click here. It was a fun project.

So there you have it, more kilts than one wishes to see! To find more kilts (a theme) there are many more at Sepia Saturday, just click here.

Aircraft Over Sunset

Aircraft Over Sunset Swampscott, Massachusetts
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Happy New Year!

Wave Rainbow Cathedral Rock Marblehead Neck, Massachusetts