Glory in Bronze

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt shows a plaque depicting Louis Pasteur successfully treated a boy with rabies vaccine. The metal relief reminded me of the bronze high relief sculpture in Boston of Robert Gould Shaw leading the Massachusetts 54th Infantry Regiment. I have this antique postcard depicting the sculpture's dedication in 1897.

The 54th Regiment was the nation's first all African-American regiment in the Civil War and was deployed against the Southern Confederacy. They not only had to fight the enemy but had to fight prejudice from both the North and the South.

Colonel Robert Gould Shaw led his troops into battle at Fort Wagner, South Carolina and was shot down. His remains were buried with his comrades-in-arms at the battle site. Their fate was depicted in the 1989 movie, "Glory."

Augustus Saint-Gaudens took nearly fourteen years to complete this high-relief bronze monument, which celebrates the valor and sacrifices of the Massachusetts 54th. The memorial was given the place of honor across from the front doors of the Massachusetts State House.

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