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It's Fun to Stay at the YMCA! (revised)

Originally posted August 4, 2012

When I think of running, track and field, and Olympic events (and this week's Sepia Saturday prompt) my mind races back to those youthful days spent at the old YMCA on State Street in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

The old YMCA was an amazingly archaic structure. During the summer it was our "rainy day" destination. It could spook even the bravest of us young boys. An this was during the daytime! There were many nooks and crannies and mysterious doorways that seemed to lead to nowhere.

The building itself was considered an architectural marvel. It was designed by the famed architect, Henry Hobson Richardson. He was the same architect to design Trinity Church of Boston, said to be on the top ten list of architecturally significant buildings in the country.

The old YMCA had Richardsons' signature brownstone, arches, cornices and turrets. A fire on a cold winter night in 1982 ended it's life. It burned to the ground leaving nothing but …

Serious Sign

Serious Sign Fort Warren - Georges Island Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
If you don't believe the sign at the top,
look what's below the drop...

Posted for Thursday Challenge. This week's theme is "signs."
To find many more fine signs, click here for Thursday Challenge.

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Bath Time!

Actually these dogs are peaceful compared to baths I've given my dogs. lol
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Shadows to the Sea

Shadows to the Sea Markey Pedestrian Bridge
MBTA Wonderland Station Revere Beach, Massachusetts

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White Wilderness Wedding

My favorite thing to do is mountain hiking. On one of the first major hikes as a young teen into the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire I had a very unusual and exciting experience.

It was Columbus Day weekend. That's October 12th here officially. For the White Mountains its a peek time for hiking in the autumn season, and just past the full fall foliage display. It's still beautiful there but many of the trees have already dropped their leaves. The nights can be every cold and easily drop below freezing.

I belonged to a college recreation club. We had a hike scheduled for that weekend. It was decided that we would climb Mount Pierce, (named for New Hampshire's only U.S. President) and stay the night at Mizpah Spring Hut.

Mizpah Spring Hut is part of t a chain of mountain huts that are run by the Appalachian Mountain Club under license with the White Mountain National Forest. It's a rustic hut with a modern shape built in 1965. It sleeps 65 people in bunk…

The Scent of Lavender

Do many of you have a vivid memory return when you smell something? For me the scent of lavender triggers a memory of a fateful day 50 years ago.

Once when I was shopping with my mother a woman passed us quickly. She must have been doused with the this curious scent I was always trying to identify. I asked my mother what it was. She could identify it immediately. "Why that's the scent of lavender," she said.

The first time I smelled it I was in the 3rd grade. My teacher was Mrs. Fowler. On a November afternoon she had been out of the room for a few minutes. She had left us all working diligently on some math problems.

The room was quiet, which was a miracle for a rambunctious group of eight year-olds. When Mrs. Fowler returned she had been crying, she had her handkerchief in her hand and had been whipping her eyes. I remember being surprised and feeling of vulnerability swept over me. A teacher after all is someone seen as always in control of any situation in a classroo…

Attractive Art

Attractive Art Cathedral Church of Saint Paul Boston, Massachusetts Chambered nautilus (Nautilus pompilius), Toba Aquarium (Photo credit: Joel Abroad)
Posted for Thursday Challenge. This week's challenge is "attractive." The attractive artwork is a sculpture, entitled “Ship of Pearl,” which resembles a crosscut view of a chambered nautilus, its shell spinning outward. Designed by noted artist Donald Lipski, it borrows its title from the opening line of a poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes celebrating the nautilus as a symbol of constant change and spiritual growth. It is backlit making for a spectacular night time shot. To find more attractive photos click here for Thursday Challenge.
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